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Custom Builder and tree lover Leam Blackwood takes great pride in creating beautiful treetop spaces that live in harmony with the trees.


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Welcome To Treehouse Dreambuilders

I built custom homes in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia for many years. The art of creating oceanview decks high above the water’s edge, tucked into the West Coast landscape, inspired me to look even higher up into the trees.

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From Vision to Creation

I have always been passionate about building. My love of nature was discovered at 12 years old when I built my first tree fort. You’re welcome to visit our property in Lyons, Colorado and take a look at our own Little Red Treehouse, as featured on 9News. It may give you some ideas for your own project.

My goal is to provide your vision with the highest level of craftsmanship combined with innovative design and engineering. Your project might be as simple as a deck-top meditation retreat, an artist’s studio, or a children’s play fort.

Let’s make your treehouse a dream come true for you as a place of fun, peace and reflection.


Most counties allow for construction without plans or building permit for structures under 120 square feet. We specialize in these smaller structures, perfect for kids’ playhouses, yoga platforms, and garden retreats.


All key beams are attached to the trees with specialized engineered treehouse hardware, mindful of safety in both design and execution. We will closely coordinate with you to get the aesthetic finishes that make all the difference to your experience.


We carefully select materials that will withstand the unique local climate and support the treehouse for many years to come. 


Conscious planning to maximize efficiency of space requires building useful storage compartments into the walls and making best use of interior heights. We will offer ways for you to create a detailed interior for whatever specific use you have in mind.


We promise to do our very best to turn your treehouse dream into reality and meet or exceed your expectations for beauty and magic.
– Leam Blackwood
Treehouse Dreambuilders

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